All Cannings – Y3 and Y4 Residential Trip to Grittleton House

All the Y3s and Y4s went to Grittleton last week. After our instructors, Jack and Finn, greeted us we unloaded our luggage, walked to the field for our picnic lunch and then played Sharky Sharky. Then we were split into activity groups, our first was den building.

After that, we were shown to our accommodation, our rooms were a mix of bunk beds and single beds. Some rooms had 12 beds and some had 6 and it was difficult choosing who was going to have each bed, but in the end it turned out to be really fun.

On the second day, after a quality breakfast, we went to an escape room, trying to find out how Lord Grittleton escaped after a blacksmith broke in. Afterwards, we went over to the sports dome (it was like a hot air balloon stuck to the floor) to do hover boarding. Some people found it quite tricky and even Mrs Stoner had a go! After this, we had a short break , returning to our dormitories, before enjoying pizza for lunch. In the afternoon, we did crate stacking where we had to wear a harness and build a tower that would hold us standing on the top! It was very muddy, but great fun. After that, we built a buggy with two barrels, 5 logs and a rope that we could travel on. This proved to be exciting, racing against one another on our finished products.

On both evenings, we played either Beat the Elite or Scrapheap Challenge where the Yellow Submarines (the teachers) won!. Returning to our dorms, we had our midnight feast before snuggling down for a well earned sleep.

On Friday morning, we had to strip our beds and pack our things up before having breakfast and enjoying our last activity, body zorbing where we had races, sumo wrestled and played football.

Finally, the instructors congratulated on us on being a fabulous, well behaved group and handed out certificates. The food was delicious throughout and we finished off with a picnic lunch before coming back to school. Written by Holly and Harry, Class 3