Performance Data

Equa Primary schools KS2 performance summary 2018

All CanningsChirtonBishops CanningsRushallWoodborough
% pupils achieving expected in reading 86%100%60%64% 86%
% pupils achieving expected in writing 86% 80%76%64% 86%
% pupils achieving expected in maths86% 80%64%64% 86%
Average progress in reading between KS1 and KS2+1.5+4.2-2.5-1.0-0.4
Average progress in writing between KS1 and KS2+1.00-2.5-1.0-0.4
Average progress in maths between KS1 and KS2+0.7+2.3-2.1-1.7-1.1
% achieving higher standard reading43%20%20%18%43%
% achieving greater depth in writing29%0%8%18%36%
% achieving higher standard maths24%40%20%9%43%
Average scaled score in reading107.1107.0102.0102.0108.0
Average scaled score in maths105.9105.0102.0101.0106.0

Lavington School KS4 performance summary 2019

Lavington School
Progress 8 (P8)0.43
Attainment 8 (A8)55.2
% pupils achieving a strong pass in English and maths59.5
% pupils entering the English Baccalaureate 34.9
% pupils achieving the English Baccalaureate (strong pass)23
% pupils remaining in education or training95